Community Coach Profiles: Spotlight on fresh 2014-2015 Mentors!

The EcoDairy

Where: Abbostford

What: Field Trips to EcoDairy Facility – up to 100 students, School Workshops

Project Connections: Gardening Projects, Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Food Production Projects, Urban Food Production Projects

Description: EcoDairy is a non-profit BC based society dedicated to promoting education opportunities for dairy farming practices and products in a fun and experiential learning environment for the public, with a focus on green energy conservation and nutrient management and agritourism! Their state-of-the-art Discovery Centre and dairy barn are open for field trip tours for groups up to 100 people, so that your team can experience firsthand the lives of the Vitala Dairy Cows , namely  Annabelle, Brooke and Harriett. Take a journey through the bovine digestive system, or try your hand at milking a cow! Learn how EcoDairy uses cow manure to power their farm, or unwind by testing out their fold-down cow bed. Located in Abbotsford on 80 acres of lush farmland with views to Mt Baker, EcoDairy showcases innovations in dairy sustainability and efficiency while inspiring young minds to develop an active interest in farming, innovation in food and agriculture and other facets of science and technology.

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Department of Fisheries and Oceans: Stream to Sea Program

Where: Provincially across British Columbia

What: Online Resources

Project Connections: Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation Projects, Salmon Habitat Conservation Projects

Description: For more than 25 years, Fisheries and Oceans has supported Educators in British Columbia and the Yukon who teach their students to understand, respect and protect freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems, and to recognize how all humans are linked to these complex environments. The Sea to Stream Program offers learning resources to students from grades K-12 through 3 Education Programs catered to Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Students. Participate in their Classroom Salmonid Incubation Program and observe the lifecycle of salmon beginning with hatching eggs, and ending with a field trip to a suitable stream habitat for a salmon release!

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Be The Change Earth Alliance – Waste Watcher Program

Where: Provincially across British Columbia

What: Provide Workshops, Online Resources

Project Connections: Sustainability Projects, Urban Gardening Projects, Recycling Projects

Description: Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005 focused on the development of a citizen engagement program to support environmental, social and personal behaviour changes in community, the workplace, and in schools. Through their groundbreaking community engagement and sustainability education programs, they empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities. BTCEA’s school program Student Leadership in Sustainability was integrated into 33 schools in 2014, with sustainability education brought to over 4000 students! The BTCEA Waste Watcher Program has entered its pilot year in 3 schools in Vancouver.

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