The Photo Essay

A photo essay is a collection of images that work together to tell a story. When composing a photo essay, it’s best to take these six things into account:

  1. What is the story? Before you start snapping photos, it’s best to decide on a main focus.
  2. Plan your captions: Think about what you need to say in order to support your images and represent your environmental action. A caption should be no more than a paragraph per photo.
  3. Plan your shots:  It can be nice to have a lot of images to choose from, but if you have too many, it can be daunting and can confuse your story. If it’s possible, try to plan your shots. Which events and moments do you think will best capture your story?
  4. Upload directly to the submission form. In previous years, we have encouraged photo essays in PowerPoint or PDF, but this year, the easiest way to submit, arrange and caption your photo essay is directly in the online form. If  you would still rather submit a PowerPoint, that’s great too! Just export the slideshow as a video file and upload as a video.
  5. Get feedback: Ask your fellow classmates or colleagues to navigate your photo essay. Ask them what they think the story is and if they feel compelled to support your action.
  6. Ask for help! A lot of teams need help arranging images and uploading files. BC Green Games staff are available 9-5. Monday to Friday to assist with Project uploads and we are super friendly! You may contact us by email or phone!