Ocean Plastic

Beach Patrol- Jaskimran, Samantha, Kianna, Savannah

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

Community Coach(es): 

Savannahs mom

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My group decided that all the fish and other animals in the ocean were dying because no one wanted to take the time to pick up the garbage and there is a massive garbage island where there is a big fish population and we care for the fish so we put it upon us to go to white rock and pick up garbage all along the beach. 


 That all the fish in the ocean are dying because of our carelessness/laziness to walk a few steps and pick up the garbage and put it in the trash.


We went to White Rock to pick up garbage that would have ended up in the ocean. We also got one Gr.6 pod to do a survey and we calculated the data and found out that many people say they pick up garbage but, we wanted to see if people were honest so we did a test. First, we did a survey the same grade 6 Pod and asked them questions like “How often do you pick up garbage” and 25 people said always, 19 people often and 5 people said never. A few days after the survey we went to that hallway again and we put garbage near or in front of those classes and we went to a corner and pretended to do work but we were actually watching if people would pick it up. Here is what happened. A girl walked by us four times but didn’t pick up the garbage. Two girls, a teacher and a guy looked at the garbage but didn’t pick it up. One teacher named Ms.Putman picked up the garbage and we gave her a hi-five. Another girl walked by us and looked at us and the garbage but kept walking. Two teachers walked by looking all-around at the garbage but again didn’t pick it up. Someone walked straight past us the first time but then came back and asked us if the mess was ours. Mr.Redell walked past us. He came back walked past us again and looked at the garbage for a good 10 seconds but didn’t pick it up. A woman and girl walked by us.  Two girls went to their lockers looked at the garbage and even asked us about it but didn’t pick it up. A dude walked by us stepped on the balloon on purpose and just walked away. A girl just walked by. Mrs. Kerr just looked down at it. Another teacher, Mrs. Seymour, another person, another teacher all walked by but didn’t pick up the garbage. Multiple kids just stepped over it. A whole class came but no one picked it up. Some even pointed at it. Two teachers walked over the garbage and didn't even bother looking at it. Another class looked at it and it was in front of their lockers but didn’t pick it up. 


Our community coach was Savannah’s mom. She helped us with driving us up to whit rock and showing us if we had missed the garbage on the beach. When we did our serves we tested people to see if they would actually pick up the garbage. We learned that white Rock does respect our ocean and there wasn't that much garbage. It was pretty clean. When we were cleaning up the beach there were lots of people who were giving us a smile and thumbs up.