Save our planet

Trees lives matter

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Kamal (Harshanś dad)

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We “Save the planet” team are doing this project to spread awareness about saving trees because they benefit us by producing oxygen, they also take the carbon dioxide, turn it into oxygen through a process and humans are cutting them down. Trees also help the Ozone layer ( Ozone layer - a thin layer in the earth’s atmosphere that stops harmful ultraviolet light rays from the sun.) The trees get rid of some of the carbon dioxide in the air, So the Ozone layer stops getting holes in it and if we stop planting trees the Ozone layer will continue gaining holes. From there, we wanted to save our trees so people can live on earth without suffering from air pollution for future generations to live with pollution-free air. We believe that our project is very important in many ways, the first way is that we are helping the oxygen, trees are cleaning it, trees are also given homes to many birds and the biggest thing is that we are helping the Ozone layer. the research behind these actions is if we don’t stop cutting down trees it will stop producing oxygen and it can also affect the Ozone layer, even more, the destruction of the Ozone layer could grow and grow if we don take action. We learned that trees make a big impact on reducing air pollution. Trees produce clean oxygen that we breathe if we don’t have enough trees to produce oxygen living on earth will become very dangerous because air pollution will get out of hand if there aren’t enough trees to stop the pollution. We also learned that trees stop the heat the planet traps by absorbing the co2, co2 overtime makes heat almost all living things produce heat. It can also affect the Ozone layer even more and if we don do anything about it we could get harmed from the sun’s harmful heat rays. Our purpose was to spread awareness to people to stop cutting down trees and plant more because they help us and animals. Therefore trees help us by producing fresh oxygen stopping pollution and etc and they help animals by providing a home for them. Our team had big goals, our goals were to plant a tree for every 20 papers we printed, to get over 100 dollars in donations and to make an impact on increasing the number of trees that can help fight air pollution. Overall we wanted to make a difference for the environment. Our project took place mainly outside of school, at a park, at school and at one of our houses. Luckily we had Kamal to help us, Kamal helped us plant all our trees and helped us find the best trees to plant, he was a great help for our team. We took many steps for our project 1. first we made flyers for our project 2. we printed our flyers 3. we went around our neighbourhoods handing out flyers, we explained what we were doing and we asked for donations 4. we went to the tree nursery to buy trees 5 we planted the trees at parks and we will plant one or 2 at our school We faced a lot of challenges in our project, for example, When we first started this project we struggled on finding the right plan to make our project happen and getting the team on the back on task sometimes was a problem. Also when we were trying to find a good place to plant the trees it was difficult because we did not know who to ask for permission when we were finding a place to plant trees we only had found a few people that we could ask. Our project is affecting and benefiting everyone by the trees producing more oxygen and the trees are making the environment have fresh air. Our project did move beyond the classroom we went collecting donations from people, we even planted many trees and we are still continuing planting trees. Our team did reach our goals, the hardest goal to reach was to get over 100 dollars in donations because it was hard to find someone that really understood our idea and why we were doing our project. The easiest goal to reach was to get the project done in an efficient time range. The research behind these actions is if we don’t stop cutting down trees it will stop producing oxygen and it can also affect the Ozone layer even, more, the destruction of the Ozone layer could grow and grow if we don’t take action. All in all our whole team strongly believes that we made a difference and succeeded in our project.