Save The Power

Earth's Saviors

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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SO MUCH POWER, not strength power but energy power!


Green Games is helping students create a project that will help our earth and environment all over BC. Our project will be about saving energy. We did our project all-around Abbotsford Middle School (AMS). The people who took part in this project were: Rhea, Jennifer, and Karman. We started from February 19, 2020, to March 1, 2020. Energy plays a big part in our lives. It makes our life easier, but it can also be dangerous. After you read this essay, you will learn a lot about energy and why you should stop wasting it.  You will learn things about the energy that you never knew before.


The way we get energy is where this all starts. We get energy from burning coal, the sun, and wind turbines. We chose energy because we think it evolves around the earth in multiple ways. We chose this topic to focus on because energy plays an enormous role in our lives. We always use it and sometimes we don’t even know how much energy we are using or even how much energy we used.

Energy is made from burning our natural resources, wind and the sun. If we save energy we save our natural resources, the air, and the ozone. We save the ozone by using less energy. When the sun rays come to earth our solar panels collect them to make energy. In fact, we use too much energy that the shield around the earth (ozone) can’t block all the bad rays from us so it breaks. Once it breaks, our lives are in danger. Those rays can cause cancer. Even though cancer is genetic, it also happens from the sun. Have you ever thought about how cancer started, well this is the way it started? When we use wind energy that is totally safe because the wind will never end as long as we keep it clean. Another way that we get energy is from burning coal. When we burn coal, two bad things happen. One, the air gets polluted and two, our natural resources get used up. This inspired us to take action because we don’t want our parents to pay a big bill every month and we want them to stay healthy. We also want to stay healthy. This is important because energy gives us light, heat, and power. These things make our life way easier. While they make our lives easier, they also destroy the environment where we live.



We learned that energy is very strong and that we collect energy from the sun every minute to fulfill the whole world’s desire. If just a small area of the Sahara desert was filled with solar panels than it will generate enough energy for the whole world. Our goals are to alert people, make life safer for others and save our natural resources. We want to approach people in a different way. Our project was to target younger kids in our school, so as they grow up, they can take more awareness. That’s why we made a fun and colourful board so they see some sort of excitement in our presentation. We went to each grade 6 class and talked to them in a way they would like. We also included them in our project by asking them questions and that made them feel like they were being heard. We got them up and asked them to write down ways they save power.

The steps that we took during the process of our project were: 

1) Start the essay and think of an idea 

2)Design a trifold and a mini-poster 

3) Hangup our mini-poster a day before our presentations

4) Go to all grade 6 classrooms and tell them about our Green Games project

5) Work on the rest of our essay

6) Take pictures of our photo essay and take a team photo

7) Submit our project by March 1st

There were a variety of challenges we faced. One challenge we faced was that some grade 6 classes had other presentations or that they were busy doing something else, so we weren’t allowed to present which meant we had fewer classes to present to. "I really wanted to help our school reduce the amount of energy we use. But not many classes can be presented to. I hope we can at least make a change, even if it's small. I know that Abby will make our change grow! #ABBYSTRONG" said Jennifer. That not only affected our goals but also now our impact on earth and chances to improve it has decreased. Another challenge we faced was time. We didn’t have enough time to finish this because we had two other science and one English project due. So we had to quickly finish all the projects and hand them in before their due date. We tried our hardest to do what we can.

We are helping in an easy, fun and cheap way. We don’t want to use too much material but the materials we did use were like glue, glitter, markers. We made sure they were non-toxic.


This project was fun to do but it was really stressful. In the end, our goals were met, our project was complete and we were happy with our results. We hope our effort continues to grow in the future and future generations take awareness as we do. Some ways that the future generations can take awareness are if, the kids we taught carry out our plan because instead of everyone focusing on a small task, we all focus on one till it’s done then it will give us a better impact. Another way is if people think their actions through before doing something then this world may be a better place today. If adults around kids motivate them since elementary school, then maybe kids will grow up to be more aware.  We hope that the coming years would be better and that we can take control of our global problems. During our project, we asked people for help. And those people not only helped us but were actually interested in our project and what we had to say. We would like to thank people who helped us along the way. Even if it was like letting us print papers that we needed for our poster, present to their class or even hang up a poster. We would like to let them know without their help this would not have been possible. Thank you, to those who helped and to those who gave us their time by reading this.