Submit Your Action Plan

The BC Green Games Action Plan is a great way to begin your project and  To get started, you can download the printable Action Plan Worksheet and bring it with you to your next eco-club or green team meeting. Using the worksheet, your team can put some ideas together about what your project might be, who will be doing what and how you might promote your project. The Action Plan is meant to be used as a loose outline to get you started and not as a binding commitment. Things will probably change as your project progresses and that's great! 

The what: Together, you can decide on a team name, some project ideas, potential Community Coaches and how you would like to campaign your enviro-action and collect votes for your submission.  

The who: Who will you connect with to make your project memorable? Perhaps there is a specific organization you’d like to work with or visit. Take a good look at our list of Community Coaches and feel free to add your own. If you are unsure about the resources in your area, write "unsure" in the Community Coaches field and we will gladly suggest an eco-educator for your group. 

The how: What kind of project would you like to create? Take a good look at the previous years’ galleries and consider which style of submission would be best for your team. If you are very interested in video, this could be your chance to hone your skills. But, maybe a photo essay would suite your project better. Consider where your team’s strengths lie and and then decide what type of project you’d be best able to complete.Then you can think about how you will spread the word about your action! Will you do posters, social media and email campaigns? Maybe an event would best suite your project!

Enter your ideas into our online form and submit! Teams that submit their form by November 30 are entered to win one of six SONY Cameras. Submit by January 15 and your team can win t-shirts, field trip add-ons and in-class workshops. 

DOWNLOAD this Action Plan template to get started.